Line Up






The band took a hiatus for some years after Wetware, but recently Rodney has been remastering and re-releasing the band’s early records, which are now being enjoyed by a whole new generation of fans. Original member Andy Booth has rejoined the lineup and with the addition of long-time friend Axel Ermes on keyboards, the band have been successfully appearing at festivals and club shows across Europe. 



In January 1980 ‘AND ALSO THE TREES’ – band aged between 14 and 19 years old, played their first live concert in a small town near the village where they grew up in Worcestershire, England.

They are known for their captivating and intense live performances, their unique style of mandolin like guitar, poetic lyrics, dark jazz rhythms and their carefully preserved independence. 

In 2021 ‘AND ALSO THE TREES’ will play a very limited number of special live shows that will feature songs from throughout their entire history. They are also preparing to record their 14th album. 




Blancmange is a British pop duo consisting of singer Neil Arthur (born 15 June 1958 in Darwen) and keyboardist Stephen Luscombe (born 29 October 1954 in Hillingdon). They were active in the 1980s and have been active again since 2010.




The five Austrians have been an inherent part of the gothic scene since 1996 and are significantly involved in the conservation of the classic goth-rock. The characteristic WITS-sound has internationally established long ago and features flaring, partially somber guitars, which meet booming bass, fulminant drums and psychedelic keyboard. From the wall of sound arise together with the unmistakable voice of band-founder Ashley Dayour those picturesque images in the mind of the listeners, who finally understand the meaning of the lyrics.



Roundabout 3 years after original frontman Zulu left REPTYLE the East Westphalian Goth Rockers relaunched with new members Kai Roarside on vocals and Gerwin Spalink on Drums to open a new chapter in the 21-year history. 

They turned away from the more „rocking“ sound of the latest album „Night and the river“ (2014) to go back to the musical roots from the beginng where Trad-Goth, Punk and Wave had been the main influences for the band. The latest releases „Apolysis“ and „Hibernation“ with Henning Hammoor (ALPHAMAY) and Jörg Kleudgen (THE HOUSE OF USHER) on guest-vocals demonstrate this musical change. Inspired by the pioneers of the genre somewhere between THE CHAMELEONS and THE MISSION the latter already appeared on numerous playlists and also in guitar-based Gothic Clubs.