Line Up


Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft or DAF as they are known globally is an industrial electropunk band with real attitude. Their sound is synth-heavy and so wonderfully eighties it’s the ultimate form of TBT. Their name, which translates to German-American friendship, is taken from German propaganda pre the fall of the Berlin wall and is used ironically.


Similarly, many of their songs play ironically with political figures, propaganda phrases and quotes. The band’s risqué songs such as “Der Mussolini” have caused offence among German society with lyrics that made the dictator the face of a whimsical dance. This metaphorical middle finger in the face of society is what punk is all about, though, and explains the band’s large following.


At DAF’s current set of concerts, the band is giving fans the chance to relive old favourites from their back catalogue. Expect “Der Mussolini” to be played a couple of times as well as old favourites such as “Verschwende Deine Jugend” and “Der Räuber und der Prinz.” Fans of the band will be reminiscing non-stop throughout the night and I’m certain that any newcomers will leave as brand new fans.

CHAMELEONS VOX the continuation of legendary Chameleons UK, arguably the most influential band ever to come out of Manchester. ChameleonsVox features vocalist, bassist and principle composer Mark Burgess.


Chameleons Vox have played 2017, 2018 and 2019 at the New Waves Day Festival - we couldn't resist to ask 'em for 2020 and they said YES! - it seems like a tradition is born... 




Originally called Slav Aryan, Gene Loves Jezebel (GLJ) was formed in 1980 with the Aston brothers, guitarist Ian Hudson, bassist Stephen Davis and drummer Snowy White. The Astons grew up in Cornelly, later Porthcawl Wales, and moved to London in 1981. The name of the band is a reference to the rock musician Gene Vincent and his song "Jezebel". The released four albums between 1983 and 1990, „Discover“ ist he most popular one. Due to a falling out between the Aston brothers in 1997 and ongoing legal issues, there are currently two incarnations of the band. We are happy to have Jay Astons Gene Love Jezebel at the NWD 2020.



From the start you can hear how Blancmange crackle with inventiveness and intelligence – lyrics that fork out the surreal from the mundane and music brimming with pop suss and a whirling, experimental sense of adventure. After their split in 1986, they’re back in business.



Formed in Leeds in 1984, came to prominence following heavy airplay of their debut single, the “apocalyptic epic” L.A. Rain, by the BBC disc jockey, John Peel. BBC Sessions with Peel and Janice Long followed and L.A. Rain sat proudly at number 26 in Peel’s 1985 Festive Fifty, above songs by The Cure, The Smiths and The Sisters of Mercy. 

The band continued to dominate the indie scene of the period, with follow-up singles, Goddess, Too Many Castles in the Sky, Velveteen and Always There, all topping the indie charts. Successful tours supporting The Mission and support slots with David Bowie followed, but just as the band looked set for mainstream success, their meteoric rise was halted by a series of legal wrangles with their record label, leading to the eventual dissolution of the band. 

Magnificently raw, beautiful and loud, The Rose of Avalanche are back to reclaim their rightful place at the top table of alternative/goth music.



The five Austrians have been an inherent part of the gothic scene since 1996 and are significantly involved in the conservation of the classic goth-rock. The characteristic WITS-sound has internationally established long ago and features flaring, partially somber guitars, which meet booming bass, fulminant drums and psychedelic keyboard. From the wall of sound arise together with the unmistakable voice of band-founder Ashley Dayour those picturesque images in the mind of the listeners, who finally understand the meaning of the lyrics.



Wires & Lights is a 4-piece English/German band from Berlin, comprising Justin Stephens (Vocals/Guitar), Ralf Hünefeld (Guitar/Synth), Gabriel Brero (Bass) and Sebastian Hilgetag (Drums). Signed to Oblivion/SPV, their debut single "Drive" was released on May 31st 2019. Further singles "Swimming" and "Sleepers" followed and the debut album "A Chasm Here And Now" was released on September 13th 2019.